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Anthony Sims inside Hella Positive in Oakland, CA

Anthony Sims

Anthony Sims' bold, chaotic expressions that resurrect Mississippi's delta blues, refined by urban street culture and American Hip-Hop. Anthony is a self-taught artist originally from Mississippi. Sims first displayed his art at the Brooks Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, when he was 18. His work is known for having depth, figurative characters, warm patches, and lines of poetry.

By the age of 21, Anthony had two of his paintings accepted into the Meridian Museum of Art's permanent collection. Anthony has exhibited in Memphis, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Austin, and London. His works sell for five figures in both primary and secondary markets. In 2021, Anthony gained media headlines through the creation of animated NFT's. The most well known animation and painting, "Not Sure About Myself, I Am Certain," which sold for $99k in a primary sale. Sims makes raw, unfiltered figurative paintings that capture life from the eyes of biracial Americans who desire to overcome adversity regardless of their circumstances.

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