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Bini Sebastian

Bini Sebastian is a self-taught visual artist born in India and raised in Dallas, Texas. Her identities as a queer, Indian-American woman, and child of immigrants inform her art that revolves around culture, identity, and spirituality. She is also inspired by the natural & magical world and the human aspiration towards the True & Higher Self. In 2016, Bini moved to Columbia, Missouri to pursue her doctoral studies in counseling psychology to become a psychologist, and she quickly found that her identities as a student, therapist, and educator inform her creative expression and vice versa. She is currently a therapist at UC-Berkeley. Ultimately, Bini hopes to integrate her interests in art, spirituality, and psychology the name of mind-body-spirit healing of herself and others. She works primarily with acrylic, graphite, and colored pencil.


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Small (under 24 inches wide), Medium (24-48 inches wide)
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