Damon Powell – Artist & Theologian

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Bodhisattva – Tara

Damon Powell – Artist & Theologian

My present creations reflect my efforts to explore the connections between artistic creation, aesthetic experience, and spirituality. Thus all of my creative work is grounded within my experience as an illustrator, my theological training, and a commitment to ongoing spiritual practice. All of my visual works are birthed from a deep understanding of the myriad ways that the spiritual and aesthetic intersect. These spiritual insights are often gained through prayer, meditation, or readings and research into various theological and philosophical texts. Each piece is based upon in-depth research and visualizations which are birthed into material form through the use of color, line, and symbol. Many of my creations are attempts to convey complex theological concepts or my own spiritual insights through provocative visual imagery. I strive to make each and every image highly vibrational, inspiring, didactic, and iconic.

My mission is to: give divine light form through the manifestation of symbolic images that encourage reflection upon the myriad ways Spirit reveals itself within our world. Let my imagery entice you to think, feel, pray, or contemplate the many ways in which Spirit permeates our world.


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