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Gina Gaiser

My work examines how cycles of daily life affect us over time. Familiar, mundane, repetitive actions are ever-present in our lives and shape who we are. I am curious how many of these actions we are conscious of. What is significant or recognized? What is ignored or forgotten?

In grade school, I took a summer photography course and made a pinhole camera. Soon after I started collecting old format cameras in various states of repair. Not afraid to take things apart, I deconstructed the cameras, made adjustments, and loaded them with film to see what images I could make. Most often, I create through experimentation, using technology as a collaborator, and playing with techniques and processes until I get the desired result. 

Time and place are an important part of the work. The photographs document a specific moment that might be familiar but is unique and something we may not otherwise notice or remember. I use a digital camera, camcorder, or phone and photo editing software to simplify the images and focus on formal compositions, creating a series of my daily activities that are like pages of a book, cells in a comic strip, or stills from a film.

In this age of Anthropocene, the human age, momentum is building to establish a new geological epoch that recognizes humanity's impact on the planet. It is in this context that I explore images of everyday life - how we navigate through our environment, build structures, and connect with others.


Gina Gaiser is an Oakland-based artist working primarily in photography and digital media. In high school, she was the first female student to work in the print shop duplicating printed school district forms. This is where she found her love of print processes, paper, and the smell of ink.

She received her BA in Studio Art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and studied printmaking and art history for one year at Il Bisonte School of Graphic Arts in Florence, Italy. Gina returned to the Bay Area and co-founded the artist collective Ben Dunne Presents producing pop-up art events. She received an MFA from Mills College in Digital Media, Video, and Sculpture.

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