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Grace Ramsey

I’ve learned through my years as a circus performer the true art of improvisation, using my skills to light up a room with only a vague idea of what I’m supposed to be creating.This has translated to my paintings. With equal parts technique and intuition, I set out to evoke an emotion and let the creation blossom from there. My paintings are defined by their rhythm and gestural quality. They’re whirling and capture the fleeting nature of memory.

My influences include historical and contemporary artists from Toulouse-Lautrec to Agustí Puig, Pat Stier, and Ricardo Weisse, as well as performing arts including works by Quixotic, Cirque Eloize, The Seven Fingers and the early creations of Franco Dragone. I'm fascinated by color, movement, balance, and texture.

This series is called “Ictus.” Ictus is inspired by the rustic sumptuousness of Carmel Valley, California, to which I traveled often in search of inspiration. I take inspiration from the sights and sounds of the American West. What started as an attempt to capture the gestures of the trees in the valley became a rhythmic, near-performative love letter to the golden hills and winding roads of the region. These works explore texture, movement, and line. These works are medium-scale mixed media, including latex paint, acrylic, and gold leaf on canvas. They are 30”x40.” 

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