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Melan Allen

While most kids were watching Saturday morning cartoons, I was watching Julia Child. It was magical to see ingredients become a perfect dish, but also equally frustrating: I could never taste these dishes, only tune in to them.

This desire, to vividly experience food just by seeing it stayed with me as I grew up and began to bake. I realized creating food in the kitchen and on canvas is one and the same. That you can ice a cake with a spatula or a palette knife. That varnish and sugar syrup are both glazes.That colors are ingredients waiting to be mixed. 

My work celebrates food and color: vivid, playful, and joyous. Each piece is truly designed to be an "eat with your eyes" experience. The subjects are grounded in imperfection, often featuring crumbs, smears, and bites. Even the vibrancy of the background plays into the taste we create in our minds. 


Average Work Size
Medium (24-48 inches wide)
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Blackr, LGTBQr

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