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Paige Tashner

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Paige Tashner, native Oregonian, recent East Bay California transplant and Burner, has been sharing her sense of creativity and quirkiness for several years.

In 2014, she created the whimsical cupcake-inspired mutant vehicle, Devils Food Cupcake, which debuted at Burning Man that same year. It was later revamped into the Space Muffin to enhance the experience of her first ever large-scale installation, Stardust, a 9 ft. diameter, 10 ft. high, glowing, spaceship bench.

In 2018, Paige was awarded a Black Rock City Honoraria Grant to share Stardust out in deep playa with Burning Man participants.

Stardust went on to grace the snowy Portland Winter Lights Festival in Oregon in 2019 and the cozy Dark Room of the Bay Area Maker Faire later that spring.

In 2019, she received her second consecutive Black Rock City Honoraria Grant for the
Purr Pods. The Purr Pods, inspired by her own pets, are 3 large, metal, interactive cat sculptures that envelop participants in sonic vibrations leaving them feeling revived. At night, these kitties glow with enchanting, color-changing LEDs.

In addition to Burning Man, people have experienced the Purr Pods in Richmond, California, Sylva, North Carolina, Salt Lake City, Utah and Bristol, England.

More recently, she's created the Demure Le Purr cat sculptures, a 1/3 scale version of the Purr Pods. On October 8, 2021, her first one, Spring Kitten, sold at the Sotheby's / Burning Man co-created auction, Boundless Space...the Possibilities of Burning Man.

Artist’s Statement 

I’ve been blown away by the scale and professionalism of the incredible art out on the playa at Burning Man year after year but I have to admit, it’s also intimidating.

I hesitated to call myself an artist but I did create my own mutant vehicle. Yay me! People’s reactions to it - waving, hugging it, pretending to bite it, asking me how I built it - is the most satisfying aspect of that project.

So satisfying, in fact, I wanted to make something bigger. So I did!

As an introvert, it was incredibly important to me that my two large-scale installations, Stardust (2018) and Purr Pods (2019), provide a soothing oasis for over-stimulated souls.

Through my umbrella enterprise, Laser Eyes of Love, I hope to create art that continues to provide a pleasurable and delightful respite.


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