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S. Lee Robinson

I make large format, abstract paintings in oil, ink and acrylic. I also sometimes make tiny paintings with big things to say. The truth is, my work is eclectic and I never know what will emerge. Often it is otherworldly and completely unexpected but always much larger than this life. The process is both simple and terrifying. I approach the canvas and wait for the story to be told. My job is to capture the story as it is told and lie it down on the

canvas. This approach is automatic and ancient and seems to invite direct access to buried, archetypal stories from our world and beyond. I just have to HOLD ON for the ride that follows and do my job as the painter.

Sometimes paintings take years, or sometimes only hours to complete. My acceptance of this process and its results have been challenging for me. The story isn’t always pretty and the darkness is important and real. I am not sure why I was chosen for this job, but chose me it did. Nothing is more important to me than painting. My work provides deep wonder and energetic healing to those who come in contact with it. Words often escape me but my paintings never fail to say what needs to be said.


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Small (under 24 inches wide), Medium (24-48 inches wide), Large (48-84 inches wide)
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