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Sicerra was born in Houston, Texas in 1991. From a young age, she was compelled to create.

Fascinated by textures and materials, she had a knack for pushing the envelope using unorthodox materials to create something new. This practice made her a jill of all trades where she gained experience using textiles, carpentry, and painting. Her father was the biggest advocate in her unorthodox education of the arts which consisted of painting landscapes with axle grease and creating life-sized sculptures from deconstructed super Nintendos.

It was not until later in life, she discovered her passion for mixed media and sought out more formal education. After a stint at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she studied Industrial Design, she moved to the City by the Bay. She has stayed true to her mixed media background and continues to push the bounds of her materials to create truly spectacular works. She now lives and works in Oakland with her partner and dogs, Ash & Odie.


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