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T. Banksy

My name is Tiphereth Banks. I am a creative artist, entrepreneur, and art student that was born in Berkeley CA, and raised in the Bay Area. Currently, I'm enrolled Berkeley City College, majoring in Studio Art. I plan on transferring to San Francisco State University this year in the fall. At an early age, I had grown a strong passion for art. By 2013, I was officially selling my own paintings and merchandise, winning art contests and competitions, submitting my work to exhibitions, working on murals, and teaching youth how to properly use art supplies while hosting art workshops. While working at Youth Spirit Artworks, I discovered another passion to help, assist, mentor, and support the youth in my community. Since, I have actively been an advocate for youth in the Bay Area and I plan on opening a community center for the youth to heal, have sanctuary, truly benefit, and expand their personal and professional skills.


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    Black, Native American, LatinX


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