Edit An Existing Artist Directory Listing

Edit Your Existing Artist Directory Listing

Once your listing is approved, it will appear in the artists directory and you can make changes.

* To make an update, first find and select your listing in the artists directory.   Click the “edit” icon in the top right corner. If you do not see the edit icon, that means you are not logged in. (see below)

* You must be logged in to make edits to your Artist Directory Listing. 

*Note: Do not use the “Password Reset” feature. If you can not remember your password please email: whatsup@oaklandartmurmur.org for assistance and an admin can reset your password for you.

*Important: Once you edit your listing it is automatically removed from the the directory and will not be reposted until it is re-approved.

*Important: Do not create multiple listings, they will be deleted and make the review process take longer.