Help us document Oakland’s murals.

We track artists and murals using the LocalWiki system. This is a free service provided to the public by a dedicated volunteer network. Anyone can contribute to the information in the system, and the process for entering information is quick and easy!

Step 1. Start by visiting the Mural Portal, click on Add a new page in the top right. You will be prompted to enter the name of the page. Type the name of the mural and hit the Enter key.

Step 2. Enter a description of the mural and any information you have including location and artists.

Step 3. Use the photo icon to upload photos from your desktop or device (keep images around 960 x 720 or less). Click anywhere on a photo to add a caption or credit photographer.

Step 4. Type “adding new mural” to give a reason for making this edit and hit Save changes.

Once your page is saved, you can see how it will appear on the LocalWiki site. You now need to add tags so that the info will get pushed through to Oakland Mural Map on the OAM website.

Step 5. At the bottom of the newly created mural page is a button that says Add tags. Click on the button and start typing your tags. (Be sure to include the following two tags as shown below or the mural you added will not appear on the page and the artist will not be credited).

Add the following three tags:

  • Mural
  • artist (this tag must start with the word “artist“. Then you simply list all artists names, as below)

artist 67 suenos and HOPE Collaborative

Step 6. For the final step, you need to add your new mural page to the map. Start by making sure you hit the Save button when you are finished adding the tags. The following page should then appear, asking if you’d like to add this entry to the map.

Click on the Create a map button. A screen allowing you to edit the map associated with the mural will then appear. The screen appears as follows:

Step 7. There are two ways you can mark the location on the map.

Method A: If you know the address, you can type it in the box that says. Find via address, then hit return and LocalWiki will guess the location (you can change it later if the guess is wrong).

Method B: First, zoom the map in until the location of the mural is shown precisely (the area within a couple of blocks is about the right level of zoom). Then, as illustrated below, click and hold the “pin” icon, then drag the pin to where the mural should be located.

Step 8. Scroll down to the box that asks you to explain the change, enter text that indicates you are adding a map location, then hit the Save button.

You can then check that the Mural has been added by navigating to your new page. A map with the location you indicated shown as a dot should appear in the upper right portion of the text entry. You can edit the map using the Edit button to, for instance, drag the marker to the right location if placed incorrectly.

Thank you for helping us document the murals that make our city beautiful!