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Oakland Art Murmur is thrilled to announce “Art About Town,” a space to explore Oakland’s thriving arts scene through writing. Art About Town will feature articles, exhibition reviews, and interviews with Bay Area creatives, providing a platform for artists and art spaces as well as a space to learn about Oakland’s rich history and vibrant present.

Oakland Art Murmur Board Member and professor Mario Hernandez created this space and, in his words, “My goal is to highlight Oakland’s history, contemporary themes and issues, as well as future possibilities through the arts. Art About Town will help to celebrate the diverse and rich concentration of artists, galleries and collectives in Oakland.”


Sideshows have emerged as a defining characteristic of the Bay Area’s unique cultural identity, especially in music and film. Since its beginnings, city administrations have aggressively policed  these gatherings. Eric’s work  captures the complexity and the raw energy of these impromptu events, and questions if these are acts of civil disobedience or resistance to the criminalization of black and brown youth culture which underlies aggressive policing practices.

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Gray Loft Gallery’s current exhibition, Jingletown Originals, celebrates four decades of making art at its Ford Street location in the Jingletown neighborhood from Sept 24th to Oct. 29th. As the first live-work space for artists in the neighborhood, the exhibition brings together the work of 20 artists ranging from…

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