Monumental Reckoning: Freedom 19 Call-to-Artists

For Monumental Reckoning‘s Freedom 19 program, we are inviting a group of 19 up-and-coming Black leaders to use their platform to share how they leverage their identity and craft to advocate for the BIPOC experience and community. We will feature these fresh new faces (via headshots) with brief bios and inspirational content across social. In addition to showcasing their headshot, we are encouraging these 19 individuals to articulate how they are inspired by using a medium that best reflects their story and artistry (i.e. poem, painting, video, etc.).

As part of this program, we will feature Freedom 19 individuals daily from June 1 up to Juneteenth (June 19).

Interested? Please contact our team at and we will coordinate creative participation and next steps 🙂

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