Loretta Nguyen

Loretta is an Oakland native.  In 2007, she co-founded fiftyseven-thirtythree; an apparel + art company and later in 2012 teamed up with the East Bay Express to launch Loakal, an art gallery showcasing local art through monthly shows.  Loakal also represented over 150 independent designers in its boutique.  Loakal owes its success to the wide and diverse community support from the City of Oakland, Oakland Art Murmur, to the Oakland artist community to art enthusiasts.  Loakal and fiftyseven-thirtythree closed its doors in 2015.  Recently, Loretta was aching to return to her old stomping grounds of promoting, learning, and supporting the arts in Oakland.  She enjoys taking the time to support artists be inspired in their journey to whatever success means to them.  Without art – Oakland would not be the cultural haven that it is, and Loretta hopes that she can be apart of this larger movement in any way she can to keep in going strong.