The Storefronts Initiative

Art and artists have never been more valuable – or more endangered – than in 2020

Placing creative work in a storefront that would otherwise stand empty is an intervention of a special kind, inviting us to reflect on the way artists, art, and audience are put at risk by capitalism, even as we depend on joined commerce.

Each month, join us as artists install work in empty storefronts throughout the city. Help OAM and IAA continue this work by making a donation to the program. 100% of the proceeds will go towards artist compensation.


October 2020

Sally Weber, FLUX

Sally Weber, FLUX

Oakland Artist Sally Weber creates light installations and artwork using holography, large-format photography, dimensional imaging, computer graphics and video. Weber received her Master of Science from Massachusetts
Institute of Technology, Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Her work is featured in museums and collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Coming Soon…

Nemo Gould

Nemo Gould with a Kinetic Sculpture

Artist Nemo Gould with a Kinetic Sculpture

Oakland Artist Nemo Gould is a master accumulator, of both materials and building techniques alike. His work pushes the limits of found object art and challenges the viewer to experience art through interaction and
experience. Gould received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1998, and his MFA in sculpture from U.C. Berkeley in 2000. His work is featured in museums and collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Joty Dhaliwal

Joty Dhaliwal, Engineering the Self

Joty Dhaliwal, Engineering the Self

Joty Dhaliwal is an artist by nature, a philosopher by formal education, and a technical designer by profession. Her work examines relationships as a way of unmasking behaviors latent within natural, cultural, and built systems. Her interests range from psychology and machine learning to micro-grids and mesh networks. In the past, she has largely worked with physical materials and 3D design. In the present, with electronics and signals.

Justin Charles Hoover

Justin Charles Hoover Shells and Bones

Justin Charles Hoover, Shells and Bones

Justin Hoover works with time-based visual arts for community engagement and collective social actions. A curator and gallery director with a focus on exhibition production, participatory engagement design and public programming. This ranges from conventional white wall art shows in museums, galleries and art fairs, to black box screenings, popup happenings, performances, public art, and art in alternative contexts.

Aggregate Space Gallery

Non View of the Lake From Underground, Torreya Cummings

Torreya Cummings, Non View of the Lake From Underground

ASG provides emerging and mid-career artists with opportunities to take great risks and, in so doing, engage viewers in new and dramatic ways. ASG encourages bold projects of this kind, and then helps make them possible by enlisting the team's technical knowledge in service of the artist's vision.

Chadwick Heath Moore

Chadwick Heath Moore, Trying to Hold Your Shit Together, 2016

Trying to Hold Your Shit Together, 2016

Chadwick Moore's intensely elaborate work shifts between drawing, painting, collage and sculpture. Using a wide range of components – from discarded infant formula bottles and abandon furniture, to collage imagery from both found and personally taken photographs- he builds a dense palette to create psychological landscapes.