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As an OAM affiliate venue you are joining a community of over 50 active venues and spaces.

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  1. A One-Stop Website with Aggregated
    Information. Supported by excellent SEO, each year more the OAM website attracts over 56,000 unique Bay Area residents and visitors eager to find current information about visual art venues taking place throughout Oakland, and receives more than 340,000 page views annually.
  2. An Event Calendar. Highlighting current and upcoming announcements about exhibits, special presentations, artist talks, etc.
  3. Physical and Digital Visitor Map. OAM's Visual Art Venues Guide provides easy access to inform visitors of art venues by region, amplify foot traffic and extend visit duration.
  4. Promotion of the Visual Arts Scene throughout Oakland. Last year our promotional partnership with BART yielded more than 130K impressions promoting Saturday Stroll Art Walks, we curated multiple public and private tours and this year we launched Art Route Oakland 2019.
  5. Social Media Coverage and Editorial Referrals. We promote Oakland art through social and print media, and editorial coverage. In addition to our regular e-newsletters, we post content to more than 25k followers. Because of OAM's high profile, media representatives often contact us first for commentary on Oakland's art scene, allowing us to serve as a referral resource for introducing journalists to our venues.
  6. NEW! Artist Resource Page. Our new resource page will provide affiliate venues and spaces a format to post studio listings, calls for entry, workshops and act as an aggregator of postings from local, state and national visual arts organizations.
  7. A Dedicated Contact. We provide an administrative contact you can follow up with to share ideas, ask questions, or get technical assistance to help keep your content on the OAM website current. We also are a resource to answer public inquiries about art in Oakland.


Please review the information below and then click on the "Apply Now" button to open an application to become an Oakland Art Murmur Visual Arts Venue.

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  • Track record of offering an ambitious, professionally curated program of regular on-going exhibitions;
  • Consistently invest in marketing on behalf of venue, exhibitions, and artists in the forms of a proprietary website, social media, print advertising, or art fair participation;
  • Commitment to submitting exhibitions and events to OAM web site;
  • Location within Oakland


  • Venue listing on the Oakland Art Murmur website, with ability to post exhibitions and special events;
  • Venue listing on printed guides with address, hours, and website;
  • Opportunities to welcome new audiences to your venue through OAM programs; and,
  • Opportunities for free press and advertising as they arise and as appropriate.

  • A pop-up art exhibit and/or event is generally considered a one-time only opportunity.
  • All pop-up promotions must be for visual art exhibits and/or events. Examples of possible qualifying events include: one-off art shows in pop-up spaces; open studios events for buildings with multiple studios (not for individual artists);
  • Applicants must show commitment to the exhibit(s) by creating a visual presence on a website, social media and via other promotion.
  • Applications must be completed online at least two weeks prior to the start of the event.


  • Track record, and an ongoing commitment to presenting a robust program of curated art exhibitions each year;
  • Track record for investment in promoting your space, exhibitions, and artists, on your website and in print;
  • Invitation or endorsement by an OAM arts venue, Board Member, or member of our Advisory Committee;
  • Commitment to submitting exhibitions and events to OAM website


  • Mixed Use or Work Space listing on the Oakland Art Murmur website with ability to post exhibitions and special events;
  • Mixed Use or Work Space listing on printed materials if you have regular open hours;
  • Ability to post updates and create events on the OAM Artists Resource page; and,
  • Opportunities for free press and advertising as they arise and as appropriate.


  • Track record of hanging and selling a consistently rotating display of art in your shop, bar, or cafe;
  • Track record of promoting your art exhibitions, and artists on your website and in print;
  • Location within Oakland


  • Retailer listing on the Oakland Art Murmur website with ability to post exhibitions and special events;
  • Name and location identified on printed guides



  1. Carefully read the list of programs above and the requirements, terms and benefits described above.
  2. Determine the most appropriate affiliation category for your visual arts venue.
  3. Complete the Venue/Space Application
  4. New member visits: as part of our evaluation of your application, we may send a representative to visit you at your arts venue to see how it is set up and learn more about your programming.
  5. When your application has been approved, you will receive further benefits information.

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Please note that Oakland Art Murmur's Venue Committee meets quarterly to review current applications.

The current schedule for application reviews is as follows: March 2020, June 2020, September 2020, and December 2020.

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